AI Resource Guide Available for Contractors

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) has released an artificial intelligence (AI) technology guide. The purpose of the guide is to provide a level of knowledge to ensure contractors can be active participants in the AI conversation.

“ABC helps members realize the potential of AI, which helps contractors complete projects on time, minimize staffing challenges, save money, and improve health and safety,” said Matt Abeles, vice president of construction technology and innovation for ABC. “The construction industry is faced with a steep worker shortage of more than half of a million in 2024, and promising technologies like AI can help address this challenge. As younger workers become industry leaders, we must approach AI in construction as beneficial with a balanced view that includes continuous evaluation, developing ethical guidelines and increasing awareness about what AI can and cannot do.”

The guide provides definitions of terms, such as deep learning and predictive AI, as well as best practices in drafting office AI policies. Click here to view the AI technology guide.

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