Union Tool Marks 80 Years

Left To Right: Nick Simpson (Co-Vice President), Chuck Simpson (President), and Chas Simpson (Co-Vice President) of Union Tool Corporation.

Union Tool is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2024; a journey that began in 1944 under the leadership of founder Karl J. Heinzelman. From its inception as a wood-centric enterprise to its current status offering customized lamination manufacturing solutions, Union Tool says its resilience, innovation, and commitment to family values have defined its success.

Union Tool takes pride in its comprehensive approach to manufacturing. With design and build processes all under one roof, the company maintains total control over every aspect from design to final installation. The company says this ensures the highest quality and precision, a factor that has contributed to Union Tool’s global reach, shipping its products worldwide.

The essence of Union Tool’s success lies in its ability to customize solutions for nearly every customer. The company’s engineering department plays a pivotal role with innovative designs undergoing rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance under actual production conditions.

Union Tool adds that its commitment extends beyond machinery; the company understands the entire production process, from sheet feeders and automatic stackers to roller coaters, laminating machines, and complete lamination systems. They say the result is machinery that not only enhances efficiency but also reduces waste, labor costs, and repairs, ultimately improving uptime and productivity.

Reflecting on the company’s 80-year journey, Union Tool acknowledges the invaluable contributions of its past and current employees. Looking ahead, Union Tool remains committed to innovation and reveals that its engineers are currently developing new technologies to meet the demands of an ever-changing market.

For more information, visit Union Tool online at uniontoolcorp.com.

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