Chad Ogden Receives Tom Jennings Champion Award

Chris (left) and Chad Ogden with the Tom Jennings Champion Award following the award ceremony at The International Surface Event (TISE) in Las Vegas last week.

Chad Ogden, CEO and president of QFloors, is one of the recipients of the World Floor Covering Association (WFCA)’s Tom Jennings Champion Award for outstanding achievements in the retail sector.

Ogden, founder of QFloors, established the flooring software company in 1999. From his early days contributing to his father’s flooring stores at the age of 12, alongside his brother Trent, Ogden’s journey evolved from handling warehouse tasks to delivering furniture and measuring homes for flooring projects.

Despite these hands-on experiences in the flooring industry, Ogden’s fascination with computers led him to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering, marking the beginning of a successful decade in the tech field. After achieving the position of director of engineering at a cutting-edge mass spectrometer firm, Ogden returned to the flooring industry with a mission to revolutionize flooring software.

He conceptualized QFloors overnight and developed the software in a few months. Following the software’s first installation in an Ogden store, QFloors began to offer the software to other dealers, leading to the “Best of Surfaces” award for Technology at the 2013 Surfaces Expo in Las Vegas.

The WFCA says that Ogden has consistently demonstrated a commitment to living and teaching correct principles. His leadership style cultivates a culture of ownership, accountability, empowered stewardship, responsibility, inclusion, and alignment, inspiring confidence throughout the organization.

According to employee Jim Love, “Chad wears his passion, desire, and willingness to help on his sleeve. QFloors is the company it is today because every employee works hard for Chad and what he has built. There’s undeniable respect for him, not just as the owner, but for the person he is.”

Today, QFloors is defined by its dedicated team and a customer-centric approach, guided by Odgen’s principle: “It’s making other people and other businesses successful; that’s what we’re all about, and I think that defines our success.”

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