Hardwood Hints: Sharpening a Scraper Blade

Photo courtesy of NWFA

The goal is to create a nice flat edge across the face of the scraper. When I sharpen a scraper, I like to brace it between my legs to hold it steady, and I run the file at a pretty specific angle to create a little tiny hook or burr on the edge. This angle can differ slightly from person to person, so finding a process that works best for you is important. The mill bastard file does an excellent job. While maintaining your specific scraper angle, I cant the file across the edge of the scraper at about a 60-degree angle to create a larger and thus flatter cutting surface between the scraper and file. The only thing I like to do is hit the corners a tiny bit with the file to remove the sharp edge so that it doesn’t create a gouge in the wood at the edge. Once it does get dull, it takes about three or four strokes to sharpen it back up and refresh your edge.







Watch It! See Jason Elquest complete this process.

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