LM Flooring Distribution Expands Through Belknap-Haines

AHF Products announced that Belknap-Haines will help expand LM Flooring® in New England and relaunch in the Southeastern United States.

“The success of AHF Products is a direct result of the commitment and professionalism of our distributor partners and the retail professionals they serve,” said Chris King, senior vice president of sales for AHF Products. “The relationship with Belknap-Haines continues to have a positive impact on retailers and on their business and this move further affirms our longstanding commitment to Belknap-Haines and to distribution.”

AHF Products says this launch marks a significant milestone for LM Flooring, with the brand’s most substantial debut in over a decade. AHF Products acquired LM in 2019.

“I’m confident we’re delivering the highest fashion and high value flooring products we’ve unveiled in the history of LM Flooring. We are beyond proud to partner with Belknap to bring this brand for the first time to New England, and to enhance our footprint throughout the Southeast affirming our longstanding commitment to Haines,” said Justin Hertzell, national sales manager for LM Flooring.

“Distribution is the cornerstone of AHF Products’ go to market model,” King added. “We see these relationships as critical to serving the independent specialty retailer. Deep assortments, local inventory, cut order fulfillment and enhanced sales and service at the store level are all advantages that a strong distributor can provide.”

Retailers interested in becoming a LM Flooring representative can contact a local Belknap-Haines sales rep for more information.

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