Bona Launches Belt UX

Bona launched Bona Belt UX, a new sanding machine that joins the company’s suite of floor finishing machines now available in the U.S. and Canada.

The Bona Belt UX is developed with both power and precision in mind. The unique dual-speed pulley system and infinite drum pressure adjustment assure the highest sanding quality and flattest floor for any wood. The specially designed cable and hose holder, ergonomic handling, disassembly/reassembly, and travel dolly were developed to make sanding jobs faster and easier for contractors. For optimal dust containment we recommend pairing the Bona Belt US with a Bona® Dust Containment System (DCS).

Additional benefits include:

  1. 3.7kW 230v 5hp Motor
  2. Dual Speed Pulley System
  3. Multimeter (hours, volts, and Hz)
  4. Travel dolly and tool kit included
  5. Ergonomic feather handle (wide grip, dual handle)
  6. Height adjustable
  7. Defined drum pressure
  8. Atomic DCS® compatible
  9. Optimized for dust containment
  10. GREENGUARD certified