LP Building Solutions Supports Manufacturing Institute’s “35×30” Program

LP Building Solutions (LP) announced its pledge to support the Manufacturing Institute’s “35×30” initiative, an industry-wide effort to close the gender gap in manufacturing by adding half a million women to the industry, increasing women’s representation from the current 29 percent to 35 percent.

LP says the company is dedicated to adding more women and minorities to its team and fostering an inclusive workforce. To support these goals, LP decided to partner with the Manufacturing Institute, the workforce development and education affiliate of the National Association of Manufacturers, where LP’s CEO, Brad Southern, currently sits on the board.

“We are proud to invest in the Manufacturing Institute’s ’35×30′ campaign,” said Brad Southern, chair and CEO of LP. “By building and developing a more diverse, engaged and highly skilled workforce, we’re also building a better, more resilient and more competitive manufacturing industry.”

One of the initiatives under the “35×30” campaign is the Women MAKE Mentorship Program. LP’s contribution will support this nationwide movement, which seeks to empower women in the industry by training more than 1,000 women mentors in manufacturing. These mentors will be connected with younger women in the industry and in educational institutions, such as four-year colleges, universities, community colleges, high schools and middle schools, and even refugees.

The campaign will collaborate with manufacturers on strategies to attract and retain female talent and broaden the workforce pipeline by supporting women throughout their education. The Women MAKE America initiative will focus on retention and recruitment in the industry while recognizing the strides that women have already made.

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