AHEC Trade Notice: Australia

The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) says that the Australian Department of Agriculture has significantly ramped up its compliance activity with respect to the AUSILPAR. In an April 2023 update on illegal logging reforms, they set out the minimum requirements for information that importers should gather, as follows:

  • The type and trade name of the product being imported.
  • The name (common or scientific) of the tree(s) the timber has come from.
  • The country, region, and harvesting unit from where the timber was harvested.
  • The country where the product was manufactured.
  • The product supplier’s details, including name, address, trading name, and business identification numbers.
  • The quantity of product being imported (in volume, weight, or number of units).
  • Documents provided by the supplier in relation to the product’s purchase.
  • Any information or documents demonstrating the timber was legally harvested.

Despite external evidence that U.S. hardwoods are low risk, they want to be able to see that importers are doing everything within their power to comply fully with the regulation. The simplest way to do this is for the importer to request an AHEP with every consignment. It is, therefore, AHEC’s advice that AHEC members should provide an AHEP by default with all shipments of US hardwoods to Australia.

For additional information, please contact: rod@americanhardwood.org.

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