Tech Talk: Positioning the Cost and Quality of Finishes

“When discussing finishes with a client, how do you position the cost and quality?”

Jason Elquest – Blackhawk Floors

“Pricing is always tricky. We will always use the best finish that is available that will give the floor the best look we are trying to achieve, regardless of price. These are ‘my’ floors, living in ‘their’ home, and I want ‘my’ floors to perform and look beautiful. We are not going to let a homeowner have the option of cheaping out with an inferior product that will compromise the floor. We are not the cheapest and this is just one of many reasons. We always prioritize quality!”

Julia Valenti – Valenti Flooring Inc.

Discussing finish options with customers usually involves a talk about the amount of traffic in the home, general usage, and lifestyle. We always encourage our customers to use the highest-quality product for their special needs and desired aesthetic because, let’s face it: It’s a pain to move all your stuff out of the house. However, there are some people who would rather spend less for a less-expensive finish, with the knowledge that the floors will require maintenance or a resanding sooner.

Al Carvalho – Max Hardwood Floors Corp.

From my point of view, it varies on the application. First of all, you need to know the result they are trying to achieve. From that point on, you show them water-based, oil-based, and everything in between, and do different samples to see what they like. For example, we know oil-based is going to yellow and darken up over the years, not as much as a water-based, depending on the type of floor, color of stain, and/or finish shine.

These days, especially in my area of Florida, it seems everybody wants something quick and practical, no smell or long waiting time, so they can get their floor done and get right back in. If the house is under construction, or they have the ability to stay off the floor longer, you show them all possibilities that fit them better and they choose. I’d say my company is seeing the majority of clients choosing water-based finishes.


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