Bjelin Releases Small-Sized Panels

Bjelin has launched a smaller size for its hardened wood flooring. Earlier this year, the company updated its high-tech flooring range by introducing another grading and colors. Now the half-size panels, small, have been released. Measuring 46” x 6”, these panels easily fit into cars and elevators. They also allow for creative designs and are a perfect complement to the larger and wider floor planks.

“The new size maximizes the use of wood and limits waste,” said Hannes Lindblom, sales and marketing director at Bjelin. “And aesthetically, we believe in the ability to adapt and optimize space. These smaller size panels reflect our commitment to efficiency, flexibility and sustainability.”

Size small is available in a commercial matte finish. The company says the extremely durable surface makes the floor easy to maintain while protecting it from stains, making it ideal for heavy traffic areas like hotels, restaurants, offices and shops – or the entrance of a home.

Equipped with the leakproof 5G® Dry™ floor-locking system, these floors are quick and easy to install while eliminating the need for glue, nails, and sealants. Watertight joints also prevent water from seeping through the seams and damaging the subfloor.