NWFA Hall of Fame Welcomes Two New Inductees – Rick Holden and Don Conner


The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) announced the addition of Rick Holden and the late Don Conner to the NWFA Hall of Fame during the NWFA Wood Flooring Expo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on May 2. The NWFA Hall of Fame Awards recognize and honor individuals who contribute significantly to the wood flooring industry through innovation, service, and leadership.

Rick Holden has long been a significant figure in the wood flooring industry, with a career spanning three decades. Serving on the NWFA Board of Directors for 15 years, two of which as chairman, Holden has exemplified integrity, professionalism, and a unique sense of humor. His passion for the industry has continually exceeded expectations.

The late Don Conner left an indelible mark on the NWFA and the wider wood flooring industry. From the NWFA’s inception, Conner immersed himself fully, serving in various capacities: a dedicated volunteer, board director, and co-founder of the NWFACP. His ultimate role was as director of the NWFA Certified Professionals (CP) program, from which he retired in 2012. In addition, he was pivotal in developing the NWFA Wood Flooring Installation Guidelines and inspector program. His achievements garnered him the NWFA Industry Leadership Award in 2012, followed by an honorary lifetime membership and certification in 2013.

“Both Rick Holden and Don Conner have shaped the wood flooring industry in remarkable ways,” says Michael Martin, president and CEO of NWFA. “Their contributions go beyond measure, with Rick’s steadfast leadership and Don’s enduring legacy. Recognizing them for induction into the NWFA Hall of Fame is an honor and a fitting way to celebrate their impactful roles in our industry.”

Further honoring Don Conner, the NWFA has approved and funded him for the Legacy Scholarship Program. This initiative recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to advance the wood flooring industry throughout their lives. Contributions in Conner’s name have already surpassed the legacy level, with the fund halfway to establishing a named scholarship in his honor.

For more information on the NWFA, the Hall of Fame, or to donate to the Legacy Scholarship Program, visit our website at nwfa.org.

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  1. None are more deserving than these two. Will miss Don, my sidekick of nearly half a century.

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