Tech Talk with Avi Hadad, Todd McDonald, and Terry Patton

Photo courtesy of NWFA

“What are some of the more notable changes you’ve made in your sanding process since you first came into this industry?”

Avi Hadad – Avi’s Hardwood Floors Inc.

I remember the first NWFA school I attended, like it was yesterday. It opened up my eyes to what really was out there. The schools made me pursue the best results I could achieve. I improved my sanding and finishing techniques while adding newer specialty machines to the process.

Todd McDonald – Maple Ridge Handscraped

The biggest changes in the industry would have to be moving to a belt sander versus a drum sander, dust containment versus dusting the place out, the quick dry stains versus “hope it’s dry the next day,” superb water-based finishes versus not-so-great, the advent of planetary sanders versus old buffer, and the pad and strip versus a screen for final coats.

Terry Patton – NWFA

One of the more notable changes that I made in my sanding process was the use of a multi-head sander. When I first started in the industry, we would drum or belt sand with coarse, mid and fine sandpaper, edge the wall line with the same grits we used on the belt sander, and then finish up with a 16-inch buffer with a fine screen. Now, most of the time, we can just use the multi-head sander and edger.

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