Hardwood Hints: Silicone Tape to the Rescue

Silicone Tape rescue kit
Photos courtesy of Todd Schutte| Bona

Silicone Tape on hoseTake a big step up from “duct tape” and invest in a couple of rolls of silicone tape to keep in your toolbox. The 1” width is perfect for sealing up cuts and other damage on your dust containment hoses. It is super strong and permanently bonds to itself (but clean the dust away first – damp rag or compressor). The narrower size is easy to manipulate down in between the grooves of the hose to truly seal up the leak and get you back to sucking up dust with the best of them, and it makes a great grip wrap for your scrapers. Wider product can be used to couple your hose cuffs onto the dust tubes of your sanding machines in an emergency and take care of various other on-the-job issues.

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