Hardwood Hints: Solid Connections and Secure Hoses Make All the Difference

Hardwood Hint Main Image
Photos courtesy of Todd Schutte | Bona.

One of the easiest but most overlooked keys to keeping your dust containment efforts from going awry is to make sure you’ve got solid connectors to keep the hose cuffs from slipping off your sanding machine tubes – especially on your sander and edger. A split second of separation while machines are operating can make your sander look like a choo-choo train or leave a virtual edger dust dune behind you, unaware (I know from personal experience on both)! Dust acts like little ball bearings, so dusty tubes and cuffs easily can slide apart. Having a full 360-degree clamping device will ensure that your cuffs are secured all the way around and not leaking through a pinch point. Dust is still your customer’s number one concern, so do the necessary small things to “solve it!”

Hardwood Hint Image 2For additional information about flooring equipment, check out the NWFA’s Installation Guidelines at nwfa.org/technical-guidelines/.

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