Wagner Meters and Floorcloud Announce True Remote Monitoring™

Wagner Meters and Floorcloud™ say a partnership between the two companies will allow contractors to monitor concrete relative humidity and jobsite environmental conditions remotely in real-time from the comfort of the office, or anywhere in the world, via cellular network connectivity.

The companies cite three components to the True Remote Monitoring system as helping to make the job easier: the Rapid RH L6 system, including the DataGrabber with Bluetooth, the Rapid RH DataGrabber range extender (DGRE) and protective dome, and the Floorcloud Jobsite Conditions Sensor.

Together, they say these devices allow for:

  • Fewer trips to the jobsite to confirm the ambient and concrete subfloor conditions prior to floor installation
  • Less wasted time scheduling and mobilizing labor, products, and equipment for jobsites that aren’t yet ready
  • Monitoring of jobsite conditions during product acclimation and installation to ensure they are within manufacturer’s product specifications
  • Monitoring of drying trends remotely
  • Seamless creation of concise documentation to be shared with various parties and stored securely in the cloud

Scott Banda, co-founder and president of Floorcloud™, shared, “It’s incredibly simple. The seamless integration between the Rapid RH L6 system and Floorcloud Jobsite Conditions Sensor is complete in seconds, and the contractors and flooring professionals are equipped to monitor the jobsite remotely in real-time.”

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