Indusparquet Announces Staff Promotions

Indusparquet, a manufacturer of Brazilian hardwood flooring, has announced several staff promotions. Jodie Doyle, who has been with the company since 2019 in the role of vice president sales and marketing, has been tabbed as the company’s new president of U.S./North American operations. This new role will be responsible for the overall business and financial operations of the North American entity, along with reporting to Indusparquet’s board of directors and ownership in Brazil.

Jodie Doyle, Indusparquet

“We are excited to have Jodie more involved in a higher-level strategic planning, as we firmly believe he is an outstanding professional, equipped with stellar knowledge and leadership skills to take Indusparquet to the next level of growth,” said Flavia Baggio, U.S. general manager of Indusparquet. “Most important to our company and our family is that we trust him and admire his character.”

Doyle said that the feeling is mutual and he is honored to lead the company.

“When I was hired here in 2019, there were many people that told me about the high quality and integrity associated with the Indusparquet products and their people,” Doyle said. “Those words were so true, and it’s been both an honor and privilege to work for Flavia and her family. I am humbled that they have put their trust in this awesome team we have assembled and we are so excited about the future.”

With Doyle taking more of the strategy and management responsibility for the company, they have also announced the promotion of three other staff members. Dan Gold and Jason Elbert, both of whom have served the company in regional manager positions, were both promoted to manage key sales channels. Gold, who has been with the company since 2015, will now serve Indusparquet as vice president, new business development. Elbert also came over to the company in 2019 and takes over as vice president, branded and distribution sales. In addition to those new sales appointments, the company also tabbed Ronaldo Bekman as vice president of operations, managing most of Indusparquet’s internal operations.

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