Berger-Seidle® USA Invests in New Distillation Facility

Berger-Seidle®, a global manufacturer of wood floor finishing products, is investing in a green internal distillation infrastructure at the company’s headquarters.

According to Berger-Seidle®, the new distillation facility offers a unique cleaning loop system for the manufacturing plants. The company says the sustainable cleaning system does not waste any liquids or solvents, and it recycles all solvents and cleaning agents on sight, looping them back for the next cleaning process.

The company says the result is that waste is being reduced to a very low percentage, no more truck transports are needed, and consumption of cleaning solvents is minimized. They added that the closed process performs with a very low solvent emitting level in the atmosphere.

“Setting the standards and constantly raising the bar is our mission,” says Markus M. Adam, the chairman of the board and managing partner of Berger-Seidle®.

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