When a Negative is a Positive: Keeping Your Workspace Clean and Customers Wowed

By Negative Air Systems

As a craftsperson, you take pride in your work. No doubt that pride extends to the state of your workspace. A clean site and quality work go hand in hand. And when you’re working in someone else’s home, leaving things cleaner than you found them goes a long way toward a satisfied customer and valuable referrals.

Several years ago, Negative Air Systems CEO Bud Ferguson was having dinner with some friends when they mentioned how terrible the dust and smell were from the recent renovation of their home.

The problem was all too familiar: The contractor had simply hung plastic to contain the dust and fumes from moving freely throughout the house, rather than removing the dust and fumes from the home completely. An avid viewer of DIY programs, there were many times Bud had said, “I can do that” and took on a project, only for his wife to ask, “What in the world are you doing? Open a window!”

By rigging up a make-shift panel with a fan in it, Bud was able to get the dust and fumes out of the house, keeping HIM out of the doghouse. Of course, the dresser he was refinishing didn’t look any better, but the idea was planted.

And that was the birth of Negative Air Systems.

That idea has grown into a more efficient way to remove dust, fumes, and smells from jobsites, workshops, and garages – the Zephyr.

Easy to install, simple, and effective, the Zephyr protects furniture, HVAC systems, and electronics by creating a powerful flow of air, removing dust and fumes from the workspace before they ever get a chance to settle.

The Zephyr comes in three sizes, each designed to fit standard door openings. For more custom jobs, a baffle is available for a tight fit. Each Zephyr sets up in only minutes and is fully transportable. You can plug it into any 110V power source and all but eliminate the mess and time it takes to clean up after any construction project.

The Zephyr panels are equipped with two high-volume and fully adjustable fans, capable of moving more than 9,000 CFM (cubic feet of air per minute). That is the equivalent of a 5,000 square-foot home in less than 4.5 minutes! By comparison, most standard box fans blow at a maximum of about 2,000 CFM.

If you’re working in a space with windows, consider the Cyclone window panel, which is essentially a single-fan version of the Zephyr. Again, the Cyclone blows away a typical box fan, as it’s capable of more than twice the CFM.

The Cyclone can be used alone or in combination with one of the Zephyr panels.

Besides the baffle, additional accessories available for the Zephyr include a shroud and reusable filter to keep dust and dirt from damaging your panels, and an adjustable spring-assisted pole to help secure your Zephyr inside or outside the door jamb.

The benefits you’ll enjoy as the owner of a Zephyr are almost too many to count. You’ll have a cleaner, safer work environment, free of dust, fumes, odors, and other airborne particles. That means less wear and tear on the jobsite’s HVAC systems, ducts, and filters. You’ll also save time during the clean-up process by minimizing the amount of dust and debris to deal with.

Perhaps best of all, you can reduce the time your clients have to be away from home. And when you use a Zephyr on a worksite, everyone will know there’s a professional there who cares about maintaining a tidy site – it’s details like that that matter.

All of this makes the Zephyr a must-have for wood flooring professionals, and anyone looking to rise above the competition.

In fact, every contractor, builder, and remodeler should use Negative Air Systems products just like any other tool in their toolbox, creating a cleaner and more efficient workspace. The result is sure to be happier customers – and we all know there’s nothing negative about that!

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