Infinity Wood Floors Purchases Aacer Flooring and Joins MFMA

Infinity Wood Floors, a manufacturer of red oak, white oak, and hard maple flooring, located in Crandon, Wisconsin, has announced the purchase of Aacer Flooring.

“The acquisition of Aacer Flooring is exciting news for us at Infinity,” says Scott Irvine, sales manager for Infinity Wood Floors. “The addition of Aacer’s quality sport floor systems and Infinity’s MFMA maple, we feel it’s a winning combination.”

Tom Blakeman with Infinity Wood Floors says the Infinity Wood Floors production facility in Crandon is being upgraded to accommodate higher demand. Blakeman says Infinity Wood Floors has a full staff of dedicated employees in Crandon, and they have been able to hire some former Aacer employees.

Aacer Flooring, which was located in Peshtigo, Wisconsin, ceased operations on July 31, 2022. Aacer had been a manufacturer of northern hardwood flooring for the residential, commercial, and sports markets. At the time, Aacer cited economic impacts, supply chain issues, and the challenging labor market as some of the reasons it had become challenging to continue operating the business.

Infinity Wood Floors also announced that they have joined the Maple Floors Manufacturing Association (MFMA). Infinity Wood Floors has been manufacturing solid wood flooring since 2012. “The decision to join the MFMA has been on our radar for quite some time,” says Pat Tallier, president of Infinity Wood Floors. “Our ownership group has many years in the sport floor industry, and we felt this was a natural next step.”

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