P.C. Hardwood Floors Hosts Bona Training Night

P.C. Hardwood Floors recently hosted Bona Training Night events at two of their locations. The first event was held on November 1 at P.C. Hardwood Floors’ location in Danbury, Connecticut. The November 3 session took place at the company’s Linden, New Jersey location. Bona’s Rob Johnson and Jeff Offredo led the trainings.

Demo topics included sanding equipment, as well as stains, sealers, and tinting techniques. Lessons on tinting involved how to tint oil-based sealer with oil-based sport paint, and how to tint waterbased sealers and finish with waterbased sport paint. Attendees also worked with the new Bona Red Out product.

More than 60 attendees were at the trainings, along with P.C. Hardwood team members.

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