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Avoid Breaking Your Moisture Meter Pins

Hardwood Hints Pins 2
Photos courtesy of NWFA

Using a pin meter, it is not uncommon to break your pins accidentally when pulling your meter out of the floor. This is especially true when testing a harder species, or when the pins have been inserted at a slight angle. Even worse is when your pin breaks off and is left in the floor. The replacement pins aren’t too costly, but if you don’t have one on hand while you’re checking moisture at the jobsite, it can add an unintended trip back to your distributor, and take time away from being productive in the field.


Hardwood Hints Pins 1We recently came across an older tool that was designed specifically to help the user safely insert, and remove their pin meter from the floor. Although it is no longer produced, the concept is simple: a prybar that does not damage the surface of the floor. Seems simple, but this little tool, or something similar, will assist the user of the meter to avoid breaking pins, and take a more-methodical approach to inserting and removing the meter from the floor.

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