New and Updated Courses Now Available on NWFA University

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA)’s award-winning online learning platform, NWFAU, has added 13 new or updated courses to its library. NWFAU is comprised of more than 250 individual learning courses lasting 15-20 minutes, with an online testing component. Completing a series of courses leads to earning digital badges, which NWFA members can use on websites and social media platforms to verify a learned skill.

The newest installation courses were updated to the latest version of the NWFA Installation Guidelines. The following courses offer both expanded content and visual presentation:

Updated: Evaluating Substrates: Concrete Subfloors
In this course, learn how to evaluate a concrete subfloor prior to installation, remediate any problems, and install wood flooring over a concrete subfloor.

Updated: Evaluating Substrates: Wood Subfloors
In this course, learn about different types of joist and truss systems, types of wood subfloors materials, and how to evaluate, repair, and install a wood subfloor prior to a flooring installation.

New: Existing Floors as Subfloors
In this course, learn about installing a wood floor over existing floor coverings.

Updated: Wood Moisture Testing
In this course, learn how temperature and humidity affect wood flooring, the types of moisture meters that are available, and the steps for testing a subfloor and wood flooring for moisture content.

Updated: Moisture Content & Wood
In this course, learn how moisture affects wood in terms of its equilibrium moisture content (EMC) and fiber saturation point (FSP), and how to apply wood flooring’s dimensional change coefficient (DCC) to ensure a successful installation.

Updated: Moisture & Concrete
In this course, discover the typical sources of moisture from above, below, and within a concrete slab.

Updated: Acclimation & Conditioning
In this course, learn how to properly condition wood flooring to the environment so it is acclimated for installation.

Updated: Sound Control
In this course, learn about the two primary ratings used for sound control, the types of available acoustic products, and how to install sound control systems to support wood flooring installations.

Updated: Floating Floor Installations
In this course, learn the substrate and underlayment requirements for floating floors as well as the appropriate methods for successful installations.

Updated: Board Replacement: Nail-Down & Glue-Down
In this course, learn the step-by-step process for properly replacing damaged wood flooring for either nail-down or glue-down installations.

Updated: Herringbone & Chevron Installation
In this course, learn about the specific tools and substrates that are required for herringbone and chevron floor installations, as well as the installation steps you should follow for each type of floor.

Updated: Parquet Layout & Installation
In this course, learn about the different types of parquet wood flooring patterns, appropriate substrates, and the steps to successfully layout and install these types of floors.

Updated: Underlayments: Moisture Control
In this course, learn about underlayments that control moisture so it doesn’t damage a wood floor.

NWFAU complements hands-on training to provide a convenient and affordable training alternative. NWFA members can purchase an all-access pass to take the online courses. Additional courses and webinars will be released later this year.

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