AHF Products to Move Production from Titusville, Pennsylvania to Other U.S. Plant Locations

AHF Products announced it will move manufacturing of select solid and engineered wood flooring products to its Beverly, West Virginia, Somerset, Kentucky, and Only, Tennessee facilities in the U.S, and will be closing its factory in Titusville, Pennsylvania where these products are currently made. Production will stop in the Titusville location, which employs less than 100 people, on October 30, 2022.

According to AHF Products, this change to the manufacturing footprint comes after extensive internal and external market analysis to align with the company’s ongoing efforts to simplify the business model while improving both profitability and competitive positioning. The Titusville plant represented under one percent of the company’s manufacturing capacity.

“It was a difficult decision because it impacts people’s lives. The entire team has performed very well over the years, and we are grateful for their dedication and service. Unfortunately, the more expensive local lumber costs and the lack of equipment to dry lumber onsite does not allow us to scale production,” said AHF Products President and CEO Brian Carson, who added “while difficult, it is a necessary step in enhancing our other U.S. manufacturing capabilities and paving the way for future investments that will make AHF Products a stronger manufacturer and partner.”

“The cost and service improvements that AHF Products can realize by manufacturing the hardwood flooring produced at Titusville at our other U.S. facilities will help our business and create additional jobs at those locations and allow us to better serve our customers,” said Carson.

In a separate statement, AHF Products has finalized the planned closing of its Oneida, Tennessee facility, a small facility which manufactures floor cleaners. The closure was announced in 2019 and is concluding October 2022. There are currently four employees at this facility.

After acquiring the Armstrong assets, AHF Products now operates nine manufacturing facilities – five wood plants and three vinyl facilities in the U.S., and one engineered hardwood plant in Cambodia. Three domestic distribution facilities serve customers through dealers, home centers, and distributors.

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