Hardwood Federation Provides Industry-Focused Updates in June 2 “D.C. Cheat Sheet”

The Hardwood Federation produces a weekly “D.C. Cheat Sheet” newsletter to keep the industry up-to-date on the latest news from Washington D.C. Check out the June 2nd edition below and sign up to receive your copy today.

USDA Pushes Million $ on Mass Timber

Ag Secretary Vilsack kicked off the Memorial Day weekend announcing $32 million to support wood innovation grants, including hardwood projects, to promote affordable housing. The Biden Administration views mass timber as a solution to multiple goals including carbon capture, forest health to reduce wildfire risk, and focusing on rural and “underserved communities.” To learn more about the grants, click here.

Ohio Forestry Association Joins the Hardwood Federation

The Hardwood Federation welcomed the Ohio Forestry Association to its growing list of member associations. OFA members include a wide variety of forestry-related companies and businesses. Their engagement and participation will increase capacity to reach and educate members of the Ohio Congressional delegation.

President Biden Outlines Plan to Fight Inflation

On the heals of the Memorial Day weekend, President Biden announced on Tuesday a plan to fight inflation, focusing on taxes and energy prices. He zeroed in on familiar themes by pointing out that “tax reform” would force companies and the most well-off Americans to “pay their fair share,” therefore reducing the deficit. The President also called for adoption of clean energy tax credits to speed up delivery of more energy options for consumers.

Source: Hardwood Federation

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