Hardwood Hints: Don’t Edge Corners

By Todd Schutte | Bona

Buffer Plate Guide
The edger is never going to fit in the corner, so quit trying to squeeze it in there
– it can only cause you problems.
Never Gonna Fit
Photo courtesy of Todd Schutte / Bona

Stop trying to edge inside corners – the edger is never going to fit in there! It always is frustrating when you are assigned to scrape corners and the edger tech (maybe it was even you) has left numerous ski slopes in the corners by sweeping the edger through them. To avoid this, think about scraping corners “first”; or edge just up to and then away from each corner but avoid the dreaded “sweep and gouge.” You know from experience how close the edger and/or your buffer or multi disc sander can get – and it is a lot easier to come back and clean up any minute leftovers in the end, versus trying to scrape down those dreaded ski slopes and hard edges.

Scrape Corners First
You know how much you need to scrape each corner – about an inch or so beyond where your buffer can reach. Pro tip: Think about scraping corners (and detail areas) first – and never let the edger cause problems in the first place.

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