NWFA’s 2022 Hands-On Training Schedule and New Instructors

The NWFA is back to a full hands-on education schedule for 2022 and recently added to its experienced staff of regional instructors. Consider taking some time in 2022 to attend a hands-on educational course presented by the NWFA.

“Participating in NWFA hands-on training is one of the best professional investments you can make to enhance your career and set yourself apart from your competition,” says Brett Miller, NWFA vice president of technical standards, training, and certification. “When you attend an NWFA hands-on training course, not only will you learn from some of the best in the industry, but it also exposes you to valuable networking opportunities with other wood flooring professionals.”

In-person, hands-on training events are one of the most-effective ways you can learn new skills, as they provide participants with the opportunity to hone their craft by doing.

“There is no better way to learn the trade than by going hands on, which is why we offer those types of opportunities tailored for everyone within our industry,” says Miller. “In 2022, we have courses lasting from one day to five days, covering sales, claims, and equipment repairs in addition to the NWFA’s traditional installation and sand and finish courses.”

The NWFA’s hands-on education courses are ideal for those totally new to the industry as well as those who are looking to learn at an advanced level.

“It can accelerate your career massively. Even if you have many years in the industry, I think you’re doing yourself a disservice by not accelerating your learning via NWFA hands-on training. I’ve even seen industry veterans come into a beginner level class and walk away with some new knowledge under their belt,” says Lenny Hall, NWFA regional instructor and owner of Endurance Floor Co. “In addition to advancing your knowledge, you also are getting to work alongside the best and the brightest, and to learn from their experiences.”

Miller explains that because the NWFA’s highly skilled regional instructors come from different parts of the country, they have different experiences and backgrounds, and all have unique skillsets to share.

“Our instructors get extensive training and follow guidelines to ensure what they teach is in line with NWFA standards,” explains Miller. “We try to align a specific instructor with a specific school, which results in amazing learning experiences for attendees from across the country.”

With the unique combination of talent, quality, educational experience, and business savvy that NWFA regional instructors possess, NWFA hands-on courses are different from other learning opportunities.

2022 NWFA Regional Instructors
The NWFA regional instructors recently met with NWFA staff at the NWFA headquarters in Chesterfield, Missouri. Back row left to right: Ben Totta, Jason Elquest, Kjell Nymark, Todd McDonald, and Brett Miller. Front row left to right: Jared Fitzgerald, Lenny Hall, Jon Namba, Steve Seabaugh, and Terry Patton. (Missing John Alford and Ron Zimmerman.) Photo courtesy of NWFA.


A full list of NWFA regional instructors and details about their industry experience may be found at nwfa.org/instructors.

“Our instructor lineup is unlike anything else out there, and to that, we’ve added a few new instructors to the mix in 2022. For example, Jared Fitzgerald joins us this year after experiencing NWFA hands-on education from the ground up. He’s bilingual, which gives us more opportunities to offer classes in Spanish as we move forward,” says Miller. “Steve Seabaugh also joins us in 2022 and is a tremendous veteran instructor and former NWFA technical director.”

“I started out before there were NWFA schools, and I can tell you from experience that my first years in the industry were difficult and costly, but thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way today,” explains Hall. “The level of training you can get from beginner to advanced will accelerate your career tremendously, and I think it’s something worth investing the time in, versus trying to learn on your own.”

In addition to learning best practices and gaining priceless networking opportunities, participating in NWFA hands-on training is a crucial step in becoming NWFA certified.

“Becoming NWFA certified is the ultimate goal, and it is what we encourage people to work toward. It’s a credential that validates your abilities, provided by those who literally write the rule books and technical guidelines,” says Miller. “Attending a hands-on course from the NWFA is the ideal way to start down that certification path.”

“Whether you’re starting your journey toward certification, or simply trying to boost your skills so that you can increase your income, it should be a goal to take a class, as it’s important that you’re trying to get better every day,” advises Hall. “NWFA hands-on training with our regional instructors makes you better than your competition, increases your value, and allows you to increase the amount of income you can bring home for yourself and your family.”


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