AHF Products Announces Price Increases

AHF Products has announced it will increase prices on select hardwood flooring products in the U.S. and Canada effective on shipments on April 28, 2022, or after.

“We have experienced persistent raw material cost inflation on key hardsurface flooring components, including lumber, veneers, energy, and core materials, as well as on transportation and freight. As a result, we find it necessary to implement price increases,” said Chris King, senior vice president, sales & marketing, AHF Products.

Wood product increases average:

  • 4-6 percent increase on all solid hardwood collections
  • $.07/sqft increase on all domestically produced collections

“We understand the effort and nimbleness required to manage through these difficult changes and we appreciate our customers’ support of AHF Products now more than ever. We are doing everything we can to keep customers serviced through this period of strong demand and extraordinary constraints,” said King.

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