UZIN UTZ Unveils “The Art of Floor Systems”

UZIN UTZ announced the launch of a global campaign “The Art of Floor Systems,“ which in coordination of the 111th anniversary of the company’s start reveals a new look for all brands.

The company shared that over the past 111 years UZIN UTZ has continuously developed and grown into six strong brands: UZIN, WOLFF, PALLMANN, arturo, codex, and Pajarito to create the UZIN UTZ family worldwide. Each brand of UZIN UTZ is an important building block in the company‘s flooring expertise, and together the brands form the foundation for success with the professional flooring installation trade.

“As a fourth-generation family business, we are a synonym for flooring expertise and want to expand that expertise further as a close-knit group of brands,” explains Philipp Utz, Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “Because together we have the best solutions for all our customers’ needs, including at an international level. We want to provide craftsmen, planners and architects with professional solutions for floor work that they can use to design floors and spaces at the highest level.”

Over the next several months distributor partners, contractors, and the flooring industry will begin to see new imagery associated from the three brands UZIN, WOLFF, and PALLMANN that are represented and available in North America. The “The Art of Floor Systems“ also features a global new corporate UZIN UTZ logo which is now displayed on all packaging to unify the individual brands.

“We are following the principle of endorsed brands,” says Philipp Utz. “The single brands are strengthened by the umbrella brand. At point of sale, the new design makes it easier for consumers to recognize and associate the installation systems, coatings and tools as a ‘family.’ This is achieved by brand colors and abstracts combined with prominently highlighted product names, plus a clear and minimal font that is only used for essential information. Technical information is shown by internationally recognized pictograms. QR codes with country-specific information are also provided on all packaging.”

A special website, videos, posters and a social media campaign are accompanying the launch of the “The Art of Floor Systems” campaign for an international audience. In November 2021, the countdown started for all employees on the company’s intranet with daily reports on company history.

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