Tech Talk – Ensuring Tools are in Working Order Each Day

“What protocols do you have in place to ensure your tools are maintained and in safe working order each day?”

Avi Hadad – Avi’s Hardwood Floors

  1. Use the tools as intended; high-grade pro tools are meant to last. They start breaking down faster if used improperly.
  2. Fix the tools the moment they break; I don’t wait to fix tools on a “service day.” We fix them as they break. That way you don’t end up having to fix a tool the next time you actually need it.
  3. Keep the tools clean – constantly vacuuming, wiping, oiling, and wisely storing the tools so that they don’t get crushed in the van.
  4. Buy quality tools so maintenance is at a minimum. You get what you pay for. Period. That is the best maintenance advice I can give. Buy expensive tools.

Darin Grimes – Elegant Floors

The main things I pay attention to are the same ones we are taught at the NWFA schools. I always make sure I have the correct power for each machine. I use the Bona power station on every job. Keeping the machines clean and free from dust is a big one. I clean each machine after each job and during the sanding process. Dust can build up around the upper roller during the sanding. Keep the wheels off the floor when the machine is not in use, and not having the sanding belt or the pulley belts tight when the machine is not in use.

Michael McDermott – McDermott Hardwood Flooring

Consciously or unconsciously, I look at and check tools and power tools for anything out of place. Then, I plug in and see if it is in good working order. I check lubes, if required, and check the condition of belts, cords, and dust bags. I bring safe, sharp cutting blades. I check bearings, and check for obstructions and worn parts on all machinery. Anything that has shifted or misaligned from transport must be checked thoroughly. I maintain the machines myself or bring them into the shop to be serviced by a professional periodically.

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