A Lasting Image

Photos Courtesy of Edward Tsvilik / Czar Floors.

With the long-lasting beauty that hardwood flooring provides, it can be an ideal medium for capturing memories, and in some cases memorializing someone or something cherished by a homeowner. Such was the case in this unique medallion of a beloved pet created by Czar Floors, based in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania.

“I like to think we are well-known both for our intricate designs aided by cutting-edge technology, as well as our medallions, borders, and parquet floors,” says Edward Tsvilik of Czar Floors. “We will work with anyone who contacts us, be that an individual client, a contractor, or an architect. Typically, projects begin with a simple email or a phone conversation.”

Such was the case when a client contacted Czar Floors after the passing of a pet German Shepard.

The homeowner desired something rustic that would mesh well with his existing floor at a price that would not break the bank.

“We use CNC machines that we built in-house. We also have our own software that we developed, which allows us to utilize wood as much as possible in wonderful and detailed ways. Without this technology, what we do would be absurdly expensive.”

Artists employed by Czar Floors created multiple drawings of the dog and sent them to the client to see which one he liked. Once the client approved a final design, the image was programmed into a CNC machine.

“We selected wood that would blend well with the pine floor and used a lot of white oak and red oak,” says Tsvilik. “Creating an animal accurately also requires us to incorporate a lot of subtle shades and directions, so having different colors that go well together is critical.”

The process took about five weeks, and the result was a single piece pre-assembled mosaic that the client was able to install himself as he had experience working with wood flooring. The medallion was installed using Bostik Best adhesives, which Czar Floors sent him.

“It always feels great when someone can send you a photo, and the feedback you get is that it is exactly what they had envisioned. Fortunately, that was the case with this floor. It’s a good reminder of his beloved pet, but also a good reminder of the relationship he now has with us as a company,” says Tsvilik. “We’re fortunate to be in a line of work where we have the ability to create memories that last even more than a lifetime.”

While using CNC machines to create intricate designs may sound daunting to the uninitiated, Tsvilik believes that it’s a skill others should explore to expand their design capabilities.

“I’d recommend that more companies out there be brave and experiment with new technologies,” says Tsvilik. “If you’re persistent in that approach, you can grow your company and what you are capable of in ways you may not have previously thought possible.”

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