AIA and Tect Partner to Improve Alignment Between Architects and Manufacturers

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Tect App Inc. announced a partnership to examine the workflows and decision-making processes in the preliminary stages of building design and how technology can lower barriers to increased engagement.

Tect is developing a communication platform that prioritizes human connection and facilitates direct access to knowledgeable product experts, with additional geolocation and privacy controls architects have been asking for. In support of this new method for the transfer of product knowledge, and as part of its Smarter Together initiative, AIA seeks to understand the shifting dynamics of architects and building design professionals involved in product selection and specification.

“Architects are always seeking to be better informed about the products and materials they specify,” said AIA EVP/Chief Executive Officer Robert Ivy, FAIA. “By doing so, they can achieve the highest quality designs that also support resilience, sustainability, and the communities they serve. We are looking forward to advancing the product selection process with the Tect team and supporting our members in the process.”

“Engaging relevant and accurate support from product category experts is essential to ensuring the architect’s design intent is maintained throughout the entire project cycle,” said Bob Habian, AIA, Tect’s co-founder and CEO. “My team is honored to collaborate with AIA at a national level to nurture improved communication and encourage a deeper level of understanding between the supply and demand sides of our industry.”

Tect is pioneering a people-first communication platform, currently in private release in California, to meet the specific needs of design professionals and manufacturers. 

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