Taylor Adhesives Introduces OdorGhost

Taylor Adhesives announced that the company has introduced “a commercial-grade product that makes unpleasant odors disappear.” According to the company, Taylor OdorGhost™ is a bio-enzymatic formula that locates, encapsulates and consumes organic-based odor-causing molecules and continues working long after its application.

The OdorGhost™ line comes ready to use for multi-surface treatments; as well as a multi-surface formula equipped with a UV tracer visible under blacklight. Because it dries clear, this feature enables the property owner to verify that the OdorGhost™ application has actually taken place.

“Offensive odors are always a challenge, especially in areas like multi-family property management, rehab work or managed care facilities,” said Paul Murfin, president of Taylor. “Rather than just masking odors, our OdorGhost™ product makes them totally vanish.”

The company stated that the OdorGhost™ Multi-Surface Use formula permanently eliminates organic-based odors caused by urine, pets, vomit, feces, diapers, garbage and more. With Future Guard Technology, it also protects against future odors from returning. OdorGhost™ products can be applied on all water-safe surfaces and are compatible and warranted with all Taylor Adhesive products.

“We have received extremely positive feedback from customers in the field,” said Seth Gladden, director of marketing for Taylor. “We believe Taylor OdorGhost™ will become the go-to odor removal solution for the flooring industry.”