MAPEI’s Jennifer Diliberto Riquelme Recognized as “Coverings 2021 Rock Star”

Jennifer Diliberto Riquelme, a Senior Development Chemist with MAPEI, was recently recognized with a Coverings 2021 Rock Star award.

A graduate of the University of Miami with a BA in chemistry and a BS in health science, and an expert in color science, Diliberto Riquelme specializes in color development in MAPEI’s Research and Development laboratories.

“I did all of the color development across all product lines – cementitious, epoxy, acrylic and coatings – that offered the 15 colors – #101 to #115 – that were recently added, as well as the custom-color matching of any cementitious grout, including in the TWA terminal in JFK Airport and in the new Terminal B in LaGuardia Airport,” says Diliberto Riquelme. 

The Rock Star winners were recognized at an awards reception on Wednesday, July 7, during Coverings 2021 in Orlando, Florida. The honorees received a gift card and were honored with an onsite luncheon. 

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