Cefla North America Launches Modular Wiping Unit for Flooring System

Cefla North America announced that the company has launched a wiping unit as an addition to its newest compact flooring system, known as the “e-Line.” The e-Line is a modular system composed of individual sanding, roll-coating, wiping, and UV curing units that can be placed in sequence at the election of the operator/business to achieve the specialized finishes, including boutique, onto flooring boards up to 16 inches wide. Initially launched in 2020, the world-wise pandemic placed a hold on the originally-planned launch. The wiping unit was unveiled to the public at CeflaLive Global @Charlotte, which took place June 9-11, 2021.

According to the company, “The e-Line features a simplified user-interface control panel, providing the simplicity and ease of use for any level operator. The systems also allows roller removal without tools for faster cleanup and changeovers, as well as ATEX-rated drive units. The e-Line’s two UV lamps provide total drying and individual lamp controls allow for variable curing requirements. The lift-up hood on each unit facilitates routine maintenance on internal components. Lastly, a quiet exhaust fan creates a quieter shop environment. The e-Line is manufactured in the USA and is available to USA and Canadian markets only.”