Pervanovo Acquires Veneer Company Spacva d.d. in Croatia

Pervanovo Invest AB, Välinge Innovations’ parent company headquartered in Viken, Sweden, announced that the company has acquired 98 percent of the shares in Spacva d.d. in Vinkovci. Spacva has 850 employees and is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of oak veneers.

The company shared that following the acquisition, Pervanovo will become Croatia’s largest wood processing company with 1,700 employees and five production units. Pervanovo’s two Croatian veneer companies — Bjelin Otok and Spacva d. d. — located on the edge of Europe’s largest continuous oak forest, Spacva Forest, has a production capacity of 25 million m2 of oak veneer.

In a few years, the main part of the oak veneer will be used internally to produce hardened wooden floors in Viken, Sweden, and in Ogulin, Croatia according to the patented Woodura technology developed by Pervanovo’s subsidiary Välinge in Viken.

“There is a shortage of oak, and the acquisition will double our oak supply. With our new Woodura technology, we can manufacture 10 times more hardened wooden floors from an oak log than when conventional technology is used. Through the acquisition, we have now secured all the oak veneers that we need to become Europe’s leading wood flooring company with a production exceeding 20 million m2,” says Darko Pervan, CEO of Pervanovo Invest AB.

“We already buy large quantities of veneer from our sister company Bjelin Otok in Croatia. The veneer from the oak in the Spacva forest is specially adapted for Välinge’s production of long and wide Woodura floors — its high quality and FSC certification is very appreciated by our customers not only in Europe but also in the USA and Asia where our own sales forces have done a great job to establish this category of hardened floors. To fulfill our long-term goals to produce and sell large volumes of floors with Woodura top layer in factories in different parts of the world it is crucial to have secured the top layer material at an early stage. The expanded veneer production capacity enables us to both increase our own flooring production as well as to supply veneers to our Woodura licensees,” says Niclas Håkansson, CEO, Välinge Innovation.

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