Välinge Continues Focus and Commitment to FSC Certification

Välinge Innovation has shared new information about its sustainability mission and its FSC certified Välinge Flooring products. The company said the FSC certification was a major milestone in the Swedish company’s sustainability goals — having worked closely with the FSC to adapt its production and work practices to satisfy the high demands of the Forest Stewardship Council.

“Since we created our production unit, one of the main goals was to offer FSC certified products,” says Pär Jönsson, supply chain manager, Välinge Innovation. “We built and adjusted our operation to fulfill the criteria for receiving the FSC label and when we received the certification in 2018, we couldn’t have been happier.”

According to the company, Välinge Innovation’s production facility at its HQ in Viken, Sweden has an annual capacity of 6 million square meters of flooring. These products all display the FSC label.

The FSC certification is periodically reviewed — much like an ISO certification — ensuring the sustainability and responsibility standards introduced in the certification process become an engrained part of the company’s work practices, and is something Välinge sees as a foundation to build upon, rather than the pinnacle of its environmental mission, the company shared.

“It’s incredibly important to us that the raw materials in our products come from legal and sustainable forest management and that the employees in those forests and factories are treated fairly. For example, a large percentage of our high-quality oak veneer used in our Woodura surface tech comes from our sister company’s forests in Croatia,” says Jönsson. “We’ve noticed that our customers demand the same traceability, it’s really positive that people are engaged and want to know where the wood is sourced and what impact it has on the local population and on the planet.”

The FSC’s goal is to protect the planet’s forests for future generations and the FSC is a defender of the amended Lacey Act in the U.S. which aims to ban the illegal trade of timber.

“We are continuously working on decreasing our environmental footprint and getting the FSC certification was an important part of our sustainability strategy,” says Jönsson. “The FSC is a demanding standard with rigorous regulations which means that it is a solid certification and a seal of quality for our customers.”

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