Looks Like We Made It!

It seems so many of us could not wait to turn the page on 2020, in hopes of closing the book on a challenging year. We made it! Despite the looming cloud of uncertainty, I still am encouraging everyone to be optimistic about the months ahead. Things will be getting better, even as they might get a bit worse in the short-run. 

There are many opportunities in the wood flooring industry, and I’m certain we all have seen the importance of having the ability to pivot the way we conduct business. Some of the new safety precautions and remote capabilities are likely to stay with us for the long-haul.  

Something that remains constant in our industry is the importance of craftsmanship. Though specific trends go in and out of style, the beauty of real wood flooring remains. As our industry competes with look-a-like products, the warmth and authenticity of real wood can be enhanced in ways the look-a-likes can never match. Now that we all are used to online learning, know that NWFA members can continue to sharpen these critical craftsmanship skills through the NWFA LiveEdge portal

NWFA LiveEdge includes short, focused, and interactive content, so you can learn on-the-go with Tech Tuesdays, Webinar Wednesdays, and Product Theater Thursdays. It’s a convenient way to learn about new products, expand techniques, and watch expert demonstrations. Additionally, all of the great tech demos from the Hardwood Floors magazine NOW event are free on NWFA LiveEdge for immediate viewing.  

Expanding your skillset is always an advantage. The more you can offer to your customers, the more you set yourself apart from the competition. More work means more opportunities, and ultimately more profit for your business.

Finally, I’d encourage you to consider participating in the NWFA’s Wood Floor of the Year (WFOY) competition, which offers recognition for innovative craftsmanship and design in wood flooring installations. Since the program began in 1990, more than 200 awards have been presented to companies worldwide. The contest now is open for submissions until 5:00 p.m. CST on March 31, 2021. A panel of judges will choose winning entries, and NWFA members from around the globe will vote online for the coveted Members’ Choice award. The winners and all floors that were entered will be included in the June/July issue of Hardwood Floors magazine.

If you have an award-worthy floor, visit nwfa.org/wfoy, and to check out the LiveEdge series, go to nwfa.org

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