Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc. Praises Executive Order Encouraging Purchases of U.S Produced Goods

Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc. has released a statement about the signing of Executive Executive Order 14005, “Ensuring the Future Is Made in All of America by All of America’s Workers.” The intention of the order is to make certain the federal government “uses terms and conditions of federal financial assistance awards and federal procurements to maximize the use of goods, products, and materials produced in, and services offered in, the United States.”

Via Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc.:

“This should help Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc. members sell products to the government. It requires that both federal financial assistance awards and federal procurement contracts provide a preference for the purchase or acquisition of goods, products, or materials produced in the U.S.

The order establishes a Made in America Office and calls for a website that will allow the public to review any descriptions and justifications submitted by the agencies in support of any waivers and details as to whether those waivers have been granted. It directs agencies considering waivers in the public interest to assess whether a “significant portion of the cost advantage of a foreign-sourced product is the result of the use of dumped steel, iron, or manufactured goods or the use of injuriously subsidized steel, iron, or manufactured goods.”

The measure should aid secondary manufacturers who use Appalachian Hardwood resources in the finished goods they sell to the government.”

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