Have You Ever Needed to Move an Appliance on a Flooring Job?

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Photo courtesy of Airsled.

Since 1982, Airsled has been the global leader in the design and manufacture of portable, light-weight load movement systems utilizing low-pressure, air film technology. Airsleds are used by countless professionals in the flooring, appliance, and building/remodeling industries to move heavy objects such as appliances and other comparable loads safely and quickly over sensitive surfaces like wood flooring.

The first company to develop and commercialize low-pressure, air film technology, Airsled systems create a hovercraft-like effect that greatly reduces the manual effort required to lift and move heavy objects. The key benefits of using an Airsled include:

  • Protecting yourself from financial liability by significantly reducing or eliminating the risk of damaging flooring surfaces when moving appliances.
  • Avoiding and preventing injury when attempting to move heavy appliances, especially when you don’t have sufficient manpower on the job.
  • Demonstrating to your customers your commitment to overall job safety and satisfaction by having the right specialty tools to handle the project’s potential load movement requirements.

“Educating wood flooring professionals on the advanced capabilities and benefits of Airsled’s new variable speed models is very important to us, given the competitive landscape of air dolly products.” — Stan Kanevsky, Airsled president and CEO

New for 2021, Airsled is introducing its exclusive Variable Speed option that delivers an even greater and unmatched level of performance, safety, and ease-of-use. The Variable Speed option lets end-users gently control and fine-tune the level of airflow into their Airsled with a dial rather than an on/off switch. With a basic on/off switch, the immediate air beam inflation and lifting action has the potential to wedge an appliance in place when overhead clearance is less than one inch. Tight spaces also have potential for damage to overhead cabinetry and countertops due to the powerful lifting force on an Airsled system. A dial-controlled, Variable Speed Airsled system eliminates this risk.

“We dedicated a lot of time in 2020 eliciting customer feedback to understand ways of improving the already strong performance and benefits of our systems,” said Stan Kanevsky, Airsled president and CEO. “Our customers overwhelmingly identified moving appliances in tight installations as a frequent challenge, which is why we developed the Variable Speed option that no other Airsled competitor offers.” he explained.

Also new for 2021 is Airsled’s Light-Duty Appliance Mover rated to lift 450 lbs., which is significantly smaller and lighter than the company’s Standard (rated to lift 750 lbs.) and Heavy-Duty (rated to lift 950 lbs.) Appliance Movers. Airsled now offers three categories of Appliance Mover systems with various features and at various price points and weight ratings to meet the wide range of load movement requirements depending on circumstances and customer needs. All Airsled systems are made domestically at its Newark, DE facility using only U.S.-sourced materials and components to ensure the highest level of build quality and product longevity.

As the original inventor and manufacturer of air dolly products, Airsled has extensive technical expertise and customer service to support its end-user community and resellers. The company also offers a robust portfolio of problem-solving accessories that significantly expand and enhance the performance of its systems. Other benefits include rapid availability of replacement parts, refurbishment services to restore damaged Airsleds, and a customer-oriented return and warranty policy to help people purchase an Airsled with confidence. “We stand behind every Airsled system we sell because we firmly believe ours is the gold-standard air dolly solution in the marketplace,” says Stan Kanevsky.


To learn more visit AIRSLED.COM or call 800.AIRSLED.

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