Upcoming Engage Conference to Showcase Digital Stain Technology

There is an upcoming Engage conference to showcase EFI Cubik Digital Stain Technology on February 1, 2021 at 5:30 CST.

EFI™ Cubik with Mineral Ink is a concept to digitally stain and decorate solid hardwood floors and veneered surfaces. Mineral inks are water-based and specifically developed with an inorganic composition to decorate the wood naturally, absorbing into the wood as a true stain to respect the nobility and warmth of the species. Due to their inorganic composition, decoration with these mineral inks is inherently lightfast and raw material does not need priming or extensive pretreatment prior to inkjet printing. At most, a soft sanding can be done to open the pore of the wood plank.

EFI Cubik inkjet printers for wood can function in industrial environments, providing efficiency in applying stain, decorating and wood finishing process. With integrated Fiery® Color profiling tools, world renowned for best-in-class color management, users can easily control color, tone uniformity, and accuracy from one production batch to another.

The first 25 to use the NWFA Member promo code will receive a free Inkjet Engaged Pass ($199 value). Register for EFI Engage and learn more about the EFI Cubik Digital Stain Technology.

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