AHF Products Announces Price Increase

AHF Products has announced it will increase prices on hardwood products in the U.S. and Canada effective on January 1. The increase averages 3-5% on the company’s Cambodia-produced engineered hardwood and 5-7% across domestically produced solid hardwood and will impact products across AHF brands, including Bruce®, Robbins®, LM Flooring™, Hartco® and Capella®.

“At AHF Products, we are committed to helping customers grow their business through superior service, high quality products and high style flooring at competitive prices. In our U.S. and Cambodia factories, we are producing at levels higher than before the pandemic to meet growing demand, with additional investments underway to further reduce lead times,” said Chris King, Vice President-Sales.

“During the pandemic, AHF was very proactive to buy lumber and produce products to service our customers’ business as the economy opened back up. The sudden strength of the recovery has proven extraordinary and has significantly impacted the price and availability of lumber and transportation in both the U.S. and abroad, and we expect these increased costs to persist.”

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