NWFA Wood Talk Podcast – A Conversation with Karl Salzmann of Floor Protector Fidbox

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Brett Miller and Karl Salzmann discuss the importance and use of data loggers in the wood flooring trade. They also explore the rise of the “smart floor,” and how data loggers are a game-changer for helping the end-user reduce environmentally-caused failures in their real wood floors.

One thought

  1. It’s great wen people realize the business risk they’ve taking for manny years.
    But from today on you can work relax, feel better and even sleep better.
    Because the Fidbox will measure every 8 hours the condition of the wooden floors that you’ve installed.

    Also the homeowners can make a better investment true the Fidbox because now they can check the condition of there wooden floor just by using the Fidbox-App.
    The Fidbox-App will warn them wen something is going wrong before there is any damage.

    So from now on we don’t have anymore discussions or putting fingers at the wrong person.
    Just smile, because you’ve installed a Fidbox as data logger.

    Thank you Brett and Karl
    Let’s protect floors whit Floor Protector

    Kind regards from the Netherlands

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