AHF Products Launches Robbins® PRO-TEKT™ Rigid Core Flooring

AHF Products is launching Robbins® PRO-TEKT™, a new line of rigid core products.

“In today’s competitive flooring market, retailers are looking for ways to increase sales while maintaining a focus on stylish, quality product offerings. Robbins provides retailers with a unique selling proposition in hardwood, and now, at our customers’ request, we have a terrific rigid core option as well,” said Michael O’Hearn, General Sales Manager, Robbins. 

Robbins PRO-TEKT delivers waterproof protection and provides greater impact resistance and dimensional stability for high traffic areas. The PRO-TEKT core construction eliminates air pockets, which results in increased product hardness and protection from moisture. The milling of the lock makes installation easy and fast. Fourteen classic and trending wood looks offer timeless naturals, dramatic grain patterns and pale, subtle looks as well as darker hues.

“The genesis of this product is that we listened to our customers. We will continue to help our customers grow by offering the best products that satisfy them at their point of need, from desirable, classic hardwoods to affordable rigid core flooring,” said O’Hearn. “Our goal is to make the retailer more effective.”

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