PoloPlaz and Pathfinder Celebrate Success

PoloPlaz CEO Dave Brunori and PoloPlaz Plant Manager Steve Nichols recently went to visit with members of Pathfinder, the nationally recognized, Jacksonville, AR-based nonprofit organization. They are dedicated to the development and implementation of individualized strategies designed to enable citizens with developmental disabilities, and/or behavioral health needs total access to community life. 

Pathfinder supports the production department of PoloPlaz in the labeling of one-gallon cans and five-gallon pails, as well as other sizes as necessary. Pathfinder and PoloPlaz have partnered for almost 30 years, going back to the early 1990s.

PoloPlaz is very fortunate to be working with Pathfinder.  It is a great way to help local people be employed that may otherwise not get jobs, the work is of the highest quality, and it is a tremendous opportunity to improve the lives of others.    “I was humbled and saw firsthand how important the relationship we have with this group of amazing people is, the interaction is way above just labeling cans.  More companies should reach out to similar organizations in their local area and get involved.”, said Brunori. 

Added Nichols, “Pathfinder does a wonderful job labeling all of our many gallon cans and five-gallon pails that are used in production and manufacturing  of our products for resale and are very appreciative to have a job and share in our partnership.”   The entire Pathfinder team was given t-shirts to commemorate the visit.  For more information, visit www.poloplaz.com and www.pathfinderinc.org.

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