Superfici Announces 4 New Machines

  • Superfici America Rotomagnum

The new RotoMagnum is a high-performance rotary spraying machine with remarkable forward speeds, optimized color distribution, and the perfect internal cabin environment to achieve the highest quality finished products. It can be equipped with 10 or 20 guns and is operated by an inverter controlled motor.

  • Superfici America Mini Reflex

The new Mini Reflex was designed to maximize your production with a single machine operator. Product can be loaded and unloaded from the same side of the machine, or enhanced by integrating an optional automatic loading/unloading system. Choose between single operator or standard modes.

  • Superfici America Excimer / Excimatt

After flash-off, the Excimer treatment is performed. This special UV treatment achieves “physical matting”, by micro-structuring the lacquer layer. Light reflection is reduced to a minimum and the final surface has a very silky touch. The result is a matte, highly scratch and fingerprint resistant matte surface.

  • Superfici America FitDry

Engineered to maximize efficiency of heating, the FitDry uses controlled ventilation and recirculation of already heated air, channeling it to the surface of loaded pieces, reducing the energy and time needed to elevate air to temp. The vertical design assures a smaller footprint, no matter the duration of dry-time required.