AHF Launches Floor Visualizer Tool

AHF Products has announced the launch of its floor Visualizer. The Visualizer is available across the company’s flooring brands, including Bruce®, Hartco® and Robbins®.

Designed to take the headache out of the complex remodel experience, the Visualizer tool is an online platform where consumers can visualize and design their floor instantly on any device. This allows for a streamlined process and quicker turnaround on projects, and provides a fast, seamless way for homeowners and professionals to build confidence during product selection.

“Buying new flooring is an investment and with so many options, can be a daunting experience,” said Wendy Booker, Vice President, Marketing & New Product Development, AHF Products. “The floor visualizer helps customers to find a beautiful floor that matches their personal style in terms of looks, performance and daily lifestyle.”

To see a new Bruce, Hartco or Robbins floor in seconds, visit:

Bruce: bruce.com/en-us/resources/floor-visualizer.html

Hartco: hartco.com/en-us/floor-visualizer.html

Robbins: https://www.robbins.com/en-us/floor-visualizer.html

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