American Sanders Adds AntiMicrobial Protection To TimberGuard Wood Floor Coatings

American Sanders has announced the inclusion of AMPTM AntiMicrobial Protection technology in its TimberGuardTM line of wood floor coatings. 

Bacteria on floors is a common source of odor, stains, and other damage. AMPTM AntiMicrobial Protection is an advanced technology within the floor coating that inhibits the growth of bacteria on the floor surface. This new antimicrobial protection feature is now included in all TimberGuardTM wood floor coating products. 

“The addition of this antimicrobial ingredient has established a new level of quality and performance in the industry” said Roy Cox, Global Product Manager at American Sanders. “Field testing has confirmed there is no loss of performance characteristics of the coating whatsoever. Home owners in particular, can now enjoy their hardwood floors with an added degree of comfort that potentially harmful bacteria will not survive on their floors”. 

American Sanders’ TimberGuardTM wood floor coatings with AMPTM technology provide continuous antimicrobial protection from the moment the floor coating is dry, 24/7 for the usable life of the coating. No non-standard chemical mixing or floor preparation is required. American Sanders says this technology inhibits the growth of bacteria on a cellular level, preventing bacterial microorganisms from feeding, growing, and reproducing. 

TimberGuardTM wood floor coatings with AMPTM AntiMicrobial Protection technology have been tested using the industry accepted test method JIS Z 2801 for inhibiting antimicrobial activity.

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