A Fashion Makeover

When an internationally known fashion house’s flagship Madison Avenue retail location needed a dramatic style makeover, hardwood flooring from PID Floors in New York City, was a critical component that helped dress the site in a new sense of luxury, elegance, and warmth.

For decades, the Carolina Herrera brand has been known for exceptional personal style and for dressing various first ladies, including Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama. 

Floor Specs

“It’s a very high-end couture business, and they have a very distinguished fashion customer who comes in,” explains Charles Hicks, PID Sales Manager. “It’s a salon environment where the client will go in and sit down, and clothing is brought out and presented. It’s not a busy, rushed experience; rather, it is quite private and exclusive.”

The project started when a designer reached out to PID Floors with the details of the flagship store’s remodeling project, which had a specific vision of what they wanted for the new and refreshed interior design of the retail location. 

“The new hardwood flooring was to be located on the second and third floor of the boutique.  We looked at the interior designer’s request and compiled a selection of samples that we thought they would like. We brought samples to their offices and met with the design team.  During that process, we discussed colors and some ideas they had regarding millwork,” explains Hicks. “The approach for us was that this was like a painting, and all of the components would need to blend in a most beautiful way.”

“We wanted to have the warmth of the wood and elegance of the pattern, bring everything together. We knew we could contribute to a very luxurious environment with beautiful clothes, an exquisite floor, and the softness of the colors. It was like a puzzle, and with the right wood and the right color, we knew it was one that we could complete,” says Hicks.

The wood that PID Floor used was a select grade North American white oak cut into a herringbone pattern.

Floor Close-up

“As far as color, we felt a warm tone was the proper approach, and what we developed was something that is almost the color of natural white oak. It has just a little bit of a tint to it,” explains Hicks.

The end result was a floor that brightened the space with a heightened sense of elegance.

“The installers were true experts in their craft. Even though the pattern had to be very exact, overall, it was an easy installation,” says Hicks. “The clients were genuinely impressed at the result of the installation.  They loved the look of the new flooring and how it meshed with the overall bright and fresh new look of the boutique.” 

Much like a beautiful and timeless Carolina Herrera dress on the runway, “the floor has a real wow factor,” says Hicks.

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