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  1. Thank you Michael and Chris,
    Great information! This is so right on!! So much great info. I would hope that a ton of members take the time to listen to this Podcast. Personally I am looking for my “End Game”.
    I also have checked off several of your items you listed as necessary. I really like ” The List” idea.
    More people need to think of the pro athlete mentality.
    Keep the podcast coming and thank you for giving back to the industry and the community.
    Kurt Vollstedt
    New Dimension Hardwood Floors

  2. wow, I thought I had my end game planned back in South Africa after 30 years in the wooden flooring industry and now at age 61 I find myself living in the USA to be with my family, so I now find myself back at my start game. Its a very interesting place to find myself with a very exciting challenge as this change in direction was not planned at all. Exciting times for me. Great podcast to listen too, many thanks…..

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