Taylor Morrison Reveals Home Design Trends for 2020

Much like fashion, home design trends vary from coast to coast—with some markets on the cusp of up-and-coming trends and others veering more traditional. As the beginning of a new decade approaches, Taylor Morrison, one of the nation’s largest homebuilders and developers, surveyed its in-house design experts from across the country to learn what trends will be prominent in the new year.

Trends for 2020 include:

Right angles: Bay Area-based designer Lisa Perlman says striking geometric shapes will be very important for 2020. “Hexagons, octagons and even herringbone patterns add drama and can create interest in an otherwise boring space like a laundry room or guest bath.” 

Conscious consumerism: More than just a media buzzword, in recent years, there has been a definite uptick in consumers choosing brands and companies that represent something more than what they just sell. And, in 2020, it’s anticipated that this will go even further—design options included.

Flooring that flows: “Flooring that remains consistent throughout is typical in our open-concept Florida floorplans,” says Tampa-based designer Denise Hodgdon. “It helps make the home feel more spacious and uncluttered.” 

Perfectly imperfect: In years past, many homeowners liked their design to be just-so—but in 2020, they’re embracing imperfection, says Dallas-based designer Lee Crowder. That means hardwood floors with visible knots and niches, and décor pieces that look more homemade than mass-produced. 

What wood you choose: “Lighter shades of hardwood can feel beachy and casual, but also sophisticated,” says Charlotte-based designer Brittany Wightman. They can also help make smaller spaces feel large and airy. 

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